28 May 2010

Negativity kills productivity

Businesses always face challenges, this simply goes with the territory. We can lose a major client, lose a key member of staff, struggle with cash flow, have a new competitor open up next door or a host of other potential issues. Our attitude towards these challenges is often the difference between getting through or not.

When times get tough financially there are always a lot of negative media stories close at hand. Everything we read, watch or listen to is filled with doom and gloom. It doesn’t take long for every conversation to turn to the subject of the latest crisis and generally everyone leaves the meeting, coffee shop or water cooler feeling depressed.

The reality is that none of us knows how bad things may become and there is not a lot we can do to change global conditions. But we can have a positive influence on those around us. At times like this people want, and in fact crave, positivity but sadly we tend to slide more easily into negativity. The reality is that a bunch of people standing around talking about doom and gloom does very little to grow a business or make it profitable.

As a business owner you are the business barometer. Your staff will reflect your mood. If you are ready to jump out of a window, your staff will pick up on that and they will start to share your gloomy mood, wor-rying about their jobs and their future.

As hard as it may be, business owners need to be motivated, inspiring and energised. Focus on managing the issues that can be controlled be-cause there is not a lot of point worrying about the things we have abso-lutely no control over. This is the time to surround yourself with positive people, to read books that fire you up, to watch movies that make you jump up and down, and to look for the positives in your world rather than the negatives.

Don’t get caught up in the vortex of negativity. Rather, become a beacon of positivity and it will rub off on those around you and benefit everyone. Behind every truly successful business is an inspirational individual who manages to remain positive and calm when everyone else is falling apart.

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