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What are the 5 questions I like to reflect on at this time of year?

As we get ready for 2020, it’s time to ask five important and reflective questions. When December arrives, most of us are all doing our utmost just to make it Read More

True success comes from having a deep sense of humility.

In a world of shock and awe, humility will always be an appealing human characteristic because true success comes from sincere humility. The more successful you become, the more likely Read More

Don’t let Christmas create a 3 month black hole in your business finances.

Success is so often about rising above the flock, which means you can avoid being one of those businesses that waste three months because of Christmas. Take advantage of the Read More

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If ever there was a video that summed up the need to keep fighting, this is probably it.

Talk about being in the wrong part of town at the wrong time. I love this video, even though it’s exhausting – I needed a panadol and a laydown after Read More

If your values and your ideal clients values don’t align – look out.

A question I ask often is “how well do you really know your customers?”. Surprisingly most business owners only have a vague understanding of who their existing customers and clients Read More

5 Reasons why the word “SUCCESS” should send a shiver up your spine.

And today on Smallville my article is all about the dangers of becoming successful. This might sound a little counter intuitive – but from my experience it’s very real. Check Read More

Have you always wanted to run your own retreats?

There’s no doubt that retreats are hugely popular these days. If you’ve been on one recently, and it was a good one, you’ll understand why. They are a great opportunity Read More

The Power of the 100 Day Plan

This month on Flying Solo I write about the many benefits of having a 100 day plan. In an era when we are all struggling to get stuff done, this Read More

There are all kinds of sales strategies – do you have one?

Whenever you are involved in selling, it is easy to get sidetracked by focusing only on what is happening right here and now. While I encourage sales people to be Read More

Taking the plunge: Why I’m relocating to Melbourne after 30 years in Cairns

That’s it. After 30 years of living in Cairns, I’ve packed up my house, with decades of memories, security blankets and junk and made the move to Melbourne. At 52 Read More

I’m heading to Tamworth in February

I’m heading to Tamworth on February 20th for the Tamworth Regional Business Summit – and I can’t wait. I love traveling the regional cities – I get the chance to Read More

My next four day, Speaker 2.0 Retreat is coming up in March.

One of my favourite retreats is Speaker 2.0 – a four day retreat for people who want to grow their speaker skills and their speaker business. I’ve run these around Read More

End of year super coaching sale

So this week I’ve got all sorts of things launching, kicking off, starting etc. Great programmes, more retreats, a new Author Coaching website and much more. But right here, right Read More

An interview with Scott Pape The Barefoot Investor

Scott Pape (The Barefoot Investor) has become a writing phenomenon with the release of his straight talking financial advice books. Clearly it shows just how needed practical and relevant information Read More


It’s hard to keep up the same level of service when we get too busy, but inconsistent service is a surefire way to lose customers. I explore this concept in Read More


If you’ve always wanted to write that book, my 4 day Author Academy retreat could be just the programme you need to make your dream a reality – and for Read More


I’ve just finished a week long stint in Perth presenting to a pile of small business owners as part of the launch of the Community Connect programme, an initiative of Read More


And here is the iTunes link to the first 50 episodes of the Business Over Breakfast Show. I remember hearing at “We Are Podcast” that it takes 50 episodes of Read More