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YEP – IT’S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. AUTHOR ACADEMY, 4 DAY RETREAT – HOBART. JULY 29th – AUGUST 1ST 2021 I am so happy to announce that my first retreat Read More

My new Masterclass programme launches.

My new “Are you charging what you’re really worth?” Masterclass and Coaching package has now launched. This is off the back of my new book. Check out the video below Read More


The title kind of says it all right? But this book is really about much more than simply charging more for what it is that you do. It’s a book Read More

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This is my brand new programme… and it’s a doozey.

ANNOUNCING THE LAUNCH OF MY NEW 6 MONTH COMMUNITY BUILDING PROGRAMME. This is for anyone who wants to get serious about building their own deeply engaged community – which is Read More

It’s that time of year again…

Yes, it’s that time of year again. We’re all getting ready to close our accounts for another year, reflect a little on how we ended up in what could only Read More

My next Speaker 2.0 retreat is happening in Hobart in October 2021.

Yep, not only have I got an Author Academy coming up next month in Hobart, I’ve just released my dates for the next Speaker 2.0 retreat – which is also Read More


Being interviewed as an authority on your specific area of expertise is a great way to build your brand and by association your business. But how well do you actually Read More

Check out Mel Robbins interview – great for authors and speakers, needing a little confidence boost.

For a little background, Mel Robbins is a very successful author and speaker. At one stage she was the number one speaker in the USA. Her first book, “The 5 Read More

Would you like to work 1:1 with me to get your book written?

I love working with people to help them write and publish their books. I’ve helped over 750 people to do exactly that in recent years and demand for book writing Read More

I was invited onto the TODAY show recently, to talk about “SIDE HUSTLES”.

There’s a lot of discussion around “SIDE HUSTLES” at the moment. This has to do with changing work structure (a lot of people are working fewer days and hours), an Read More

My first speaking engagement for over 12 months.

Off to do my first face to face speaking gig in over a year. Who would have thought it? I’ve been invited back to Tamworth to do a keynote at Read More

My next Author INC Book Writing program kicks off on March 17, 2021.

MY NEXT AUTHOR INC PROGRAM KICKS OFF MARCH 17. It’s that time again – my book writing program, Author INC is kicking off on the 17th of March. This is Read More

FREE WEBINAR – For aspiring authors.

Research shows that just about everyone thinks about writing a book at some stage in their life, but of course, thinking about it and doing it are two very different Read More

I’m doing a regular spot on Tasmania Talks from February 2021

Most of you may know that I’ve had a love affair with Tasmania for well over 30 years. I worked there selling encyclopedias door to door for 6 months and Read More

Need a little (or a lot) of accountability in your life?

And look what turned up in my post office box today – Mr Darren Finkelstein’s 4th book – and in true Daz style – it’s a doozey. I absolutely love Read More

Club House hey? Should you be getting on board?

Unless you’ve been living on a remote beach in Tasmania for the past few weeks, you would have heard about the hot new social media platform Club House. I’m still Read More

Have you got the customers you want or the customers you’ve ended up with?

Sometimes in business we end up with the wrong customers. Don’t beat yourself up, it happens. If you’ve experienced this you’ll know exactly what I mean. In fact I ask Read More


Always great to be interviewed by the lovely Heather Dawson from Sound Cartel. Last week I went into the recording studio to talk about my new book – ‘Someone has Read More