How Much Fun is too Much Fun at Work?

Being considered professional is a goal that the vast majority of business owners strive for, and rightly so. Our customers expect professionalism and when a business doesn’t deliver, look out. Read More

Is This Giving Me Energy or Draining My Energy?

Long-term success in business really is becoming more about self-management than anything else. We are all crazy busy, we are overloaded and we all have limited amounts of energy to Read More

Bond Appetit Podcast – Author 2.0 Bali Retreat

In May of this year, I launched the first Author  2.0 Bali Retreat and it was fantastic! Ronsley Vaz from Bond Appetit who attended the inaugural event, put together a podcast sharing Read More

9 Ways to Reignite Your Business Passion

It’s hard to always be feeling “up” in the world of business. There are always going to be those times when there just isn’t any “mojo” left for anything. The Read More

Humans. In business Interview

I had the lovely experience of being interviewed by Beth Jennings for her fabulous site, Humans in Business. An unusual kind of interview for me, not about business or books, but about Read More

The Absolute Worst Excuse You Can Ever Give

If you find yourself using the “I’ve just been so busy” excuse it might be time to come up with a better approach. READ FULL ARTICLE.

(VIDEO) Are You Keeping Track of All Your Accomplishments?

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most powerful. If you want a motivational tool that can inspire you when you need it most, start a success board. CLICK HERE TO Read More

Your Workplace Says a Lot About You, Especially if You Work Alone

Whether we like to admit it or not,  the state of our workplace says a lot about our business. When was the last time you walked into a business and Read More

How I Master My To-Do List in Just 5 Minutes

Ever finished the end of your work day with more stuff on your to-do list than when it started? Master this simple technique and that will never be your reality Read More

Are Your Customers Trying to Tell You Something Important?

Generally our customers are always giving us clues about what they want. Sometimes they aren’t even clues, they are outright demands and the message is clear, if we don’t come up Read More

When it comes to marketing your Small Business, it’s time to go OLD SCHOOL!

We live in a business world that seems entirely focused on everything digital – meaning online and social media. Whilst there is no doubt these are hugely important to Small Read More

Every Business has Warning Signs Indicating Trouble on the Horizon

I think there are tell tale signs in every kind of business that really send the message that the people running the business don’t care and that means that ultimately Read More

An Intelligent Way to Sell More of Anything

Anyone can take money from a customer, of course some stores are even replacing people with automated machines for this task, but very few businesses are good at making a Read More

A new addition to my team – welcome aboard Carla Schesser

Hello Folks – very happy to say that Carla Schesser, who has been managing the launch of Smallville for me, has expanded her role and now she has also become Read More

BOOKS WITH BITE Episode #1 on Smallville

As I spend most of my life either writing books, helping others to write their book or reading books it seems kind of logical for me to do some book Read More