Some people just don’t get it.

We’ve all encountered those people that are overly familiar way too early in the business relationship. In some instances it is just plain creepy, in others, it’s just annoying. We Read More

And this week on, what stage of the business life cycle are you in?

If you know where you are in the business life cycle you will be better able to plan and make decisions for the future. That’s the premise behind this Read More

We make a lot of assumptions with our customers, maybe this is the biggest and most challenging one…

To read this article either

10 Rules to Instantly Improve Your Presentations

I was recently interviewed by Andrea Wien for her new podcast.

Here is an excerpt from Andrea’s introduction – “Andrew Griffiths is Australia’s number one small business and entrepreneurial author, but despite what many initially think, he didn’t have a cushy Read More

Tim Reid – The Boomerang Effect is out!

Most of you know Tim Reid from his awesome Podcast Small Business Big Marketing, where I appear from time to time on the episodes called “Funny Business”. Tim has been Read More

If you own a small business and one day you are hoping to sell it – you need to listen to this webinar with Sam Harrop.

On Wednesday the 27th of April at 7pm, I’ve invited two time author Sam Harrop to join me in a webinar about getting out of your business. Sam’s latest book Read More

Find people’s pain and offer solutions and your business will boom!

Sounds simple right? It’s often such an overlooked concept – and in fact many businesses seem better at creating pain rather than solving it. READ MORE.

Before you do that next job for free, consider this….

In this Inc article I ask you to consider just how much time and money you invested to get you where you are today. Think about this before you do Read More

Would you like to be a contributor to my new Small Business platform – SMALLVILLE?

Would you like to become a contributor to my new website – SMALLVILLE? This is a project I have been working on for some time and I am really excited Read More

AUTHOR RETREAT – Bali 23rd – 26th May 2016

  I am seriously happy to finally announce the launch of my first international retreat, Author 2.0. A small group of authors are going to head to Bali for 4 Read More

Success comes to those who are able to zig when everyone else is zagging….

Recently I was interviewed by the Referral Marketing Guru.

A few weeks back Michael Griffiths (not a relative as far as we can tell but we do look a little alike), interviewed me for his great podcast about referrals. Read More

Two questions that seem kind of obvious, but they are easy to overlook.

Sure we can all say that we want lots of business – but what if you got so much business that it actually damaged your business? It happens more often Read More

Have you become a lazy communicator?

Whilst doing some research recently I was amazed at how lazy many people have become when it comes to communicating. When I started to think about it more, I realised Read More