We all hear horror stories about business partnerships, here are my 7 tips to avoid potential problems.

Yep, I’ve certainly had a few business partnerships that haven’t ended well. Sadly it’s a fairly common story. So in this Inc.com article I’m sharing advice that might just help Read More

What did you learn from your first job?

I think we’ve all got lessons to be learned from our first job. Mine was selling newspapers on the streets of Perth. I learned a lot from this job as Read More

Do you struggle to meet deadlines? Don’t worry you’re not alone.

Now please don’t think I am trying to say that I am a deadline expert. I struggle with them, I need them and both love and hate them. The reality Read More

Proud to see I just hit 100 articles on Inc.com

And very proud to say that this week I wrote and published my one hundredth article on Inc.com. And now I’m looking forward to the next hundred. READ MORE HERE.

One of the funniest TED talks I’ve seen – on procrastination.

This is a very cool TED talk – inside the mind of a master procrastinator. Lots to take away, lots of laughs and a little too close to the truth Read More

Sure, we need policies, but sometimes they do more harm than good.

Now the policy Nazi’s out there might not like what I have to say, but we live in a world that does not embrace policies that make little to no Read More

I’m a guest on the hugely successful Jane Jackson ‘Careers’ Podcast.

Such a pleasure to be interviewed on Jane Jackson’s Careers Podcast. A wonderful review of all of the jobs I have had to get me to where I am today. Read More

We live in a distracted world – if you want to create deeper connection in face to face meetings – read this.

Are we losing the ability to connect when we are in face-to-face situations? Are we turning up distracted, thinking about everyone and everything else except the person sitting across the Read More

Keep those people who bring you down at arms length.

We all need to be careful about the type of people we let into our inner sanctum. I feel that people fit into one of three categories – they are Read More

Imagine waking up one day to find out that you really don’t love the business you’ve spent years building?

That’s exactly the concept I’m covering in my Flying Solo article this month. Do you consciously grow your business or do you have a passive approach? READ MORE.

Sometime it’s the email that says nothing that has the most impact.

Want to know more? Check out todays Inc.com article – READ HERE.

The Clarity Webinar Recording – with Geoff Hetherington.

I did a webinar earlier today with Mr Geoff Hetherington, the Clarity CEO. I asked him a pile of questions around the increasingly important topic of clarity – feel free Read More

90% of businesses fail to do this one simple thing when sending out quotes…

If you send out quotes for work and you aren’t doing this one simple thing, rest assured you are in the 90 percent of businesses that don’t do it. But Read More

Don’t do business angry…

And in this INC.com article I talk about the dangers of doing business when angry…..Seriously, don’t do it. .READ MORE.

Don’t sell your soul when the going gets tough.

When times are tough it’s easy to lower your standards – but that often comes at an even greater cost. I discuss this concept in this weeks INC.com article. READ Read More