And the discussion around imposter syndrome continues…

I’ve been having a lot of discussions around the concept of “Imposter Syndrome” in recent weeks. In amongst these conversations Trevor Young, whose podcast if “DIY Personal Branding for Business Read More

9 questions to keep your business well and truly on track.

 I have found that if I ask these questions on a regular basis everything in my business seems to stay working. When I get too busy to ask these questions, Read More

Do you struggle with clarity in your business? You’re not alone.

Do you struggle with clarity and overwhelm? Phew, I can really understand if you do. So to help people out a bit, I’ve asked a good friend of mine, Mr Read More

Have you got the customers you want or the ones you simply end up with?

This week on my first article poses a big question about the types of customers we have in our business. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

The biggest Cairns based small business event of 2016 is happening next week. It’s going to be a blast!

SMALL BIZ BIG FUTURE – FEB 26th – is on like Donkey Kong. We’ve got close to 150 people booked in, well over $10,000 of awesome business building stuff to Read More

Don’t talk money too soon…

At some stage we all end up in a situation where we have to pitch ourselves for a really big deal. These situations can be daunting to say the least Read More

Testimonials are so 2012……or are they?

Personally I think testimonials are still as powerful today as they have always been. But perhaps they become a little lost in amongst so many other marketing messages and platforms. Read More

Sure, we all need to aspire to be great at what we do, but is there a limit?

One of my articles this week deals with the concept of “perfectionism”. Do you have it? I love people who do what they do really well, but is there Read More