If you are sick and tired of New Year’s resolutions (like me) then here are a few alternatives.

So when it comes to celebrating the end of a year and planning the New Year, I think most of us are getting a bit over resolutions. Here are five Read More

A very interesting docco about young entrepreneurs and their web based start ups

  I watched this video during the week – about young entrepreneurs working on their start ups. Most of them are based in Silicon Valley of course, but not all Read More

And with travel on the horizon for many of us, here’s a travel tip that changed my life

OK, it’s that time of the year, lots of travel for people, crowds, queue’s, waiting etc. Before I went to India a few years back, a friend offered me some Read More

OK, 2016 is here, time for me to offer some advice on how to make the most of the New Year.

This week my Flying Solo article is all about getting the New Year off to a strong start in your business. I make the most out of January and I Read More

A little speaker humour for late in the year….

Looking for a way to convert more of your proposals?

This week in my Inc article I share a tip that has helped me get a lot of work over the years. It’s simple – but it does require you Read More

When it comes to the internet, what information can you use and what information can’t you use?

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