My latest INC post on why writing a book is a great personal development programme

OK, so this article went live last night (around 10am New York time). In about 12 hours it has already been shared over 1,400 times. Clearly a lot of people Read More


Photo by: Polo Jimenez Million Dollar Words is a book written by Seth Godin over 20 years ago. Yesterday he very kindly offered it for free to his followers (nice Read More

Do you have trouble with difficult conversations?

I think most people find it hard to have difficult conversations, but it is really important that we develop this skill. In this months Flying Solo column I offer some Read More

Want to listen to the recording of our Ultimate Productivity Webinar – 101 productivity tips in 90 minutes?

We all want to be more productive, but let’s be honest, whose got the time? Well in this webinar, I talk to Sam Harrop, the author of “Getting Stuff Done”, Read More

This week on one of my key business development strategies.

I’ve been ready to drop everything and get on a plane at a moments notice for decades. Why? Because I think it’s a great way to show prospective clients and Read More

A 3 day special offer for the “We Are Podcast” Conference on the Gold Coast

These days there’s a lot of talk about Podcasting and the influence it is having and the opportunity that it represents. Now we have the very first Podcasting conference happening Read More


The Neuroscience Of Storytelling (For Presentations) from Ethos3 | Presentation Design and Training

And this month on the Small Business Big Marketing Podcast Show we talk about presenting and why small business owners need to be doing it.

Righto, the latest edition of FUNNY BUSINESS is out, dare I say the intellectual element of the hugely successful Small Business Big Marketing Podcast with my good buddy Tim Reid. Read More


I’m a little speechless. I watched this movie last night – and whilst of course I am aware of the sugar epidemic, this Australian film left me shaking my head Read More

This week on Inc I write about building a “Rock Solid Reputation”.

I think it’s fair to say we are all very aware of how easy it is to destroy our reputation, so surely it makes very good sense to figure out Read More

Sometimes we all need to cut our customers some slack…

    This week on I write about the cutting our customers some slack – based on a pretty crappy interaction that I saw in a Melbourne cafe last Read More