Hard to believe but a podcast here on me being evangelistic about writing a book…

Recently Ben Fewtrell interviewed me for an episode of his popular podcast “Business Brain Food”. Hard to believe, but I was being evangelistic about the power of a book as Read More


I received the following email – and I have received similar ones in the past. This is a scam. Clearly this one is not that sophisticated, the language is typically Read More

Tough loving…

Have you always wanted a WIKI page but found the whole process way too hard?

There is no doubt that a WIKI page can help with credibility. Many media will use Wikipedia as their go to source for information and background data on individuals. I Read More

OMG, my new website has gone live and I love it!

Well my new website has gone live. It has been a big project (to say the least) and everyone involved certainly has the look of the walking dead. Long hours, Read More

I have a man crush and I’m not afraid to say it (well I’m a little afraid)…

One of the most powerful business books that I can ever remember reading was entrepreneur Seth Godin’s (self-published) marketing antithesis, Purple Cow. It really resonated with me. It’s not just Read More

Are you a big cry baby when it comes to dealing with grumpy customers?

I was sitting in a restaurant a few days back, minding my own business, when I heard the murmurs of unhappiness from the table next to me. A lovely old Read More

Are you coming to the Art of Storytelling workshop in Sydney?

Nick Bowditch and I have our first “Art of Storytelling” workshop coming up in Sydney on the 27th of September – and we are really looking forward to it. It Read More

IKEA having some fun with the Apple product launch machine….very funny (in a weird Scandinavian way)…