Small Business owners in Queensland – BE WARNED.

In a few months we will be having an election in Queensland. In fact we will be having both a state and local government election and Small Business owners should Read More

In Japan, Lastel is a hotel that stores dead bodies in refrigerated coffins.

25th January 2012 in Health & Wellbeing. We’ve seen hotels for dogs, new divorcees, and now in Japan — in response to the problem of over-crowding in crematoriums — there’s Read More

Do you have trouble remembering your lines?

With more of us recording interviews and video footage these days, remembering lines is really becoming a bit of a problem. Sure we can cover the walls with notes, all Read More

Every Small Business owner will want this…but there are only 20 on offer.

We all get so immersed in our business that at times we can’t see the forest because of the trees. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone who has helped Read More

The Wiggle Gate Opportunity…

The poor old Wiggles brand has copped a lot of flack in the last few days, no doubt about that. In reality the Wiggle Gate situation has been handled really Read More


Well we just finished the KPI Melbourne day and around 500 incredible people turned up. Thank you so much to those folks who came along and gave 100% in every Read More

An authors worst nightmare…..the $2 bin

Every week, at some crazy hour I do a session on 96.5FM in Brisbane. Liam, Robbie and Jo form the morning team – and we have a blast on and Read More

“Women of Hope”

Spend any time at all on my BLOG and you will see that I am a big fan of Here is very powerful song and visual salute to the Read More

12 Consumer trends that anyone in business needs to know about

12 CRUCIAL CONSUMER TRENDS FOR 2012 View more documents from

Daniel Priestly introduces KPI to Melbourne, January 2012.

Is it time you became a Key Person of Influence?

There is a unique one day event for entrepreneurs, Small Business owners and ‘corporate escapees’ coming up on Friday the 20th of January that I’m spreading the word about (and Read More

To all of the airlines out there….stop being so damn cheap.

I just love the new fully automated check in systems at the airport- NOT. There is nothing like that completely impersonal service. If you want to go to a counter Read More