Sometimes we all need to chain ourselves to a tree…

In this weeks 96.5 FM interview Andrew talks about finding your passion. Once you do, everything changes. Andrew Griffiths Interview – Chain Yourself to a Tree

The new Tourism Queensland Campaign

Tourism Queensland has just launched their latest campaign and as always, there are mixed opinions on all fronts. Personally I like it. The “power statement” is “Where Australia shines”, and Read More

Do you need some inspiration on the innovation front?

I spend a lot of my time researching businesses around the world, searching for innovation in all of its wonderful forms. One website that I find particularly interesting is Springwise. Read More

Lay down with dogs get up with fleas…

Listen to Andrew’s interview on 96.5 FM this week. Andrew Griffiths Interview 22 Sep 2010

Business Model Generation

I came across this presentation about developing business models on Slideshare recently and I have to say it is fantastic. Anyone trying to figure out their business model really should Read More

Anyone out there a GURU at picking names for seminars?

Now I know that there are quite a few of you out there who are pretty darn smart when it comes to picking names for special events – I want Read More

Sunday Mail Article – August 22, 2010

A few weeks back the Sunday Mail did a feature on my latest book, The ME MYTH. Specifically they were interested in my career as a writer, what inspires me Read More

Another EXCELLENT explanation of the importance of social media.

I am posting a lot of very good presentations created by Social Media experts these days. The reason is that I see a HUGE number of business owners really struggling Read More

We all need to spend more time on the front…

I recently attended a presentation by Tom Potter, one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and the founder of Eagle Boys Pizza, a business with 150 franchises across Australia. It was interesting Read More

Andrew talks about having the right moral code…

Andrew Griffiths talks about having the right moral code on 96.5FM Brisbane

A compelling rationale for using Social Media in any business.

What is Social Media? View more presentations from Marta Kagan.

Social media slideshare – great statistics

A story on convers(at)ion View more presentations from Rob van Alphen.