A Twitter Tutorial…

I tend to be talking about Twitter a lot more these days. So when I came across this presentation I knew straight away that a lot of the most common Read More

Thinking about starting a business?

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If you still need convincing about Social Media…

I find it interesting that there is still so much cynicism regarding social media. You can’t mention Twitter at a conference without a low rumble in the audience, generally being Read More

Bosses who behave badly…….BEWARE

The young lady featured in this presentation decided to quit and tell her boss exactly what she thought of him. Well I think that badly behaving bosses, and lets be Read More


How many ANTI-BUSINESSES do you encounter every week? I spend a lot of time observing businesses, specifically I look for both the good and the bad and hopefully I can Read More


Last year I met Graeme Cowan, the man behind RUOK? DAY – and I was immediately moved by his message. I did my utmost to spread the message last year Read More

Does your small business need a PR boost?

By Catriona Pollard, Director CP Communications What business isn’t interested in raising their company’s profile, increasing brand awareness and positioning their business as highly credible in their industry? The implementation Read More