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28 August 2010

A Twitter Tutorial…

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I tend to be talking about Twitter a lot more these days. So when I came across this presentation I knew straight away that a lot of the most common “how to questions” would be answered. So if you want …keep reading »

23 August 2010

Thinking about starting a business?

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Start- up Quotes! View more webinars from Avalok .

18 August 2010

If you still need convincing about Social Media…

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I find it interesting that there is still so much cynicism regarding social media. You can’t mention Twitter at a conference without a low rumble in the audience, generally being negative comments about twitter and other social media networks. I …keep reading »

14 August 2010

Bosses who behave badly…….BEWARE

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The young lady featured in this presentation decided to quit and tell her boss exactly what she thought of him. Well I think that badly behaving bosses, and lets be honest there are plenty of them, need to well and …keep reading »

13 August 2010


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How many ANTI-BUSINESSES do you encounter every week? I spend a lot of time observing businesses, specifically I look for both the good and the bad and hopefully I can learn from these observations and even share my findings with …keep reading »

10 August 2010


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Last year I met Graeme Cowan, the man behind RUOK? DAY – and I was immediately moved by his message. I did my utmost to spread the message last year and I will again this year. There may be someone …keep reading »

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