Happiness in Hard Times – A MUST READ

Andrew Matthews is a good friend of mine. For those who don’t know about Andrew he is the author of the hugely successful book “BEING HAPPY”. He has a number Read More

Some Monday morning power thoughts…

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Who say’s being an MC is an easy job?

As you can probably tell from my website I do a lot of keynote presenting and from time to time I also MC events. Over the weekend I was MC Read More

Give Generously to the Red Shield Appeal – 2010

This weekend is the official Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal. The fundraising event aims to raise almost $10 million Australia wide. People will be door knocking, setting up stalls in Read More

Negativity kills productivity

Businesses always face challenges, this simply goes with the territory. We can lose a major client, lose a key member of staff, struggle with cash flow, have a new competitor Read More

Do you have the attention span of a Goldfish?

This is an interesting take on the modern world and the fact that we no longer get to think for more than a few seconds about pretty much any topic. Read More

More evidence that most presentations stink

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Lifetime Distributors Conference 2010

A big “thank you” to everyone who came to my presentation at the 2010 Lifetime Distributors Conference. The topic of my presentation was “Building the Business of Your Dreams” and Read More

Latest Chinese version of 101 Ways to Market Your Business

My very first book, 101 Ways to Market Your Business has been translated into numerous languages. Two publishers have reprinted it in China. Here is the latest version, which you Read More

An innovative look at innovation

Here is an interesting take on the concept of innovation. Enjoy, it is quite thought provoking. The Cult of Innovation View more presentations from Andy Budd.