If you want referrals you need to let people know EXACTLY what you do and what you WANT.

A while back I moved out of an office where I had run my marketing business for a few years. The day we were physically putting the boxes into the Read More

Some good advice for aspiring authors…

Whatever you may think about the Harry Potter series, there is no doubt at all that JK Rowling is one of the most financially successful authors of all time. Here Read More

So how do you put together a “newsy” looking interview?

This is a funny but surprisingly factual step by step guide to making a news clip (thanks to Mike Moore for sourcing it and me subsequently stealing it from him). Read More

The importance of getting someone else to proof your copy.

Here are some real headings from newspapers around the world with some appropriate smarty pants comments in brackets. It really does pay to get someone else with a fresh pair Read More

“Don’t wish for a lighter load wish for broader shoulders” Michael J Fox.

Michael J Fox is well known for his roles as the baby faced actor in a range of comedy movies. Who would have imagined he would have become such an Read More

What are the things you have STOPPED doing in your business?

What are the things you have STOPPED doing in your business and how much is this costing you? I caught up with a new client recently who was experiencing a Read More

If it’s good enough for NASA

This is an interesting presentation showcasing how NASA have connected with people (both internally and externally) through the smart use of Social Media – in particular Twitter. It is kind Read More

Better late than never…

I love the Jib Jab family and their take on 2009 is politically wrong on every level. Isn’t that a relief? Enjoy. Lets hope we can all stay a little Read More

Even Hitler is upset about the Apple iPad it seems….

There really are a lot of people with way too much time on their hands. This is very funny (it does contain swearing in German, English and Apple languages). Enjoy.