Apple just get’s it.

Well fasten your seat belts – the Apple iPad is now officially launched and what a launch it has been. Of course the sceptics have been busy moaning about how Read More

Negativity kills productivity

When times get tough there is always a lot confronting media close at hand. Everything we read, watch or listen to is filled with doom and gloom regarding whatever crisis Read More

Why we do what we do, and how we can do it better.

Why we do what we do, and how we can do it better.

You really are never too old…

In recent months I have been encountering more and more older (50+) people who are busy starting up their own business. There are lots of reasons for this, and if Read More

The ME MYTH from a FEMAIL point of view…

A very nice review and overview on my latest book – The ME MYTH – by

Getting Twitsmart…

140 Twitter Tips View more presentations from Kyle Lacy.

Learning lessons from Avatar in the Digital Marketing World

Here is an excellent way of looking at the digital marketing world through the success of Avatar. A very smart concept and analogy. Enjoy. Digital Marketing Success ain't Unobtanium: Lessons Read More

Next time someone is stealing one of your dreams…

Sometimes people get it wrong. Here is a list of some of the most famous “predictions gone bad” regarding the introduction of various forms of technology. I am sure you Read More

Self Empowerment Pledge – UPDATE

Further to my earlier post, the author of the “Self Empowerment Pledge” is a man by the name of Joe Tye. He is a specialist Values Coach based in the Read More

Sometimes we just have to be a little brave…

A great friend of mine works for Jet Blue, a budget airline in the USA. In September they ran a sensational special offer. For a flat USD $599 passengers enjoyed Read More

Self Empowerment Pledge

This is a very good presentation with some practical advice for making big changes in your life by committing only a few minutes a day. Surely it is worth a Read More

One of the best business blogs I have come across

Business Blogs is a New Zealand based blog offering a huge amount of great info for business owners. I have gone through this site from one end to the other Read More

What is your theme for 2010?

This time of year is always pretty good. We are generally feeling relaxed and refreshed and filled with anticipation about the year ahead (this time last year many of us Read More

9 Ways your business could be using social media, but probably isn’t.

Here is a great presentation that spells out how to use social media in virtually any business. This is a well thought out explanation with some very practical advice. This Read More

The 10 most talked about brands in 2009

Top 10 Most Talked About Brands 2009 View more documents from Willis Wee.