The tao of the Hot Dog

Today I heard a very powerful story about a hot dog stand. This hot dog stand was run by an old man who had started if many, many years ago. Read More

Now is the time to get serious about business development

I read an interesting article recently talking about how Apple had ramped up its advertising and business development activity when all of its competitors had cut theirs back. Interesting to Read More

Andrew to present at Australian Booksellers Association Conference in Sydney

This weekend Andrew is one of the main keynote presenters at the 2009 Australian Booksellers Association National Conference being held in Manly. Andrew’s presentation was so well received last year Read More

The power of photography.

The wonder of photography never ceases to amaze me and I am in awe of my friends who are professional photographers. I came across this slide show today and I Read More

Andrew presents to Professionals Chairmans Club 2009

Well known real estate corporation, Professionals Real Estate, had their Annual Chairmans Club 2009 event in Palm Cove this week. Andrew Griffiths was invited to present to the top 25 Read More

Make a decision up front about what type of sales person you want to be

We all know the corny clichés about sale people being smooth, silver tongued, slick and basically dishonest sharks.  Thank goodness those days are long gone, or at least well on Read More

Winning a franchise is really just Child’s Play

I came across a very interesting and creative business recently called Childsplay Marketing. The company is the baby of Daniel Rechnitzer, clearly an innovative fella who is taking a novel Read More