Need a little motivating?

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Listen to Andrew Griffiths interview from Business Essentials – “Surviving the Challenging Times Ahead”

The following interview was recorded by Business Essentials, one of the most respected business commentary organisations in Australia. Andrew Griffiths was asked to share his views on what small business Read More

Flying Solo Fans…….would you like to win a $1000 business coaching package from Andrew Griffiths – Australia’s most successful small business author?

Hello there my name is Andrew Griffiths and I am a huge fan of “FLYING SOLO”.  Without doubt this is a site that every single small business owner should be Read More

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Unplug every once in a while…

  We certainly live in a world powered by electricity, communication, contact, demands, urgency and a sense that so many of our day to day tasks need to be done Read More

The ten biggest and most common sales mistakes.

I was recently asked by a journalist what I feel the ten biggest mistakes are when it comes to selling? Trying to narrow this down to 10 was difficult, as I Read More

Believe in your product because if you don’t it shows

Personally I find it impossible to sell something if I don’t believe in it. This lack of belief can be about a product doing what it promises, or the quality Read More

A picture really does say a thousand words…

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Sick of being criticized?

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Bulletproof your business….my presentation from Sydney.

I have had a number of requests for a copy of my presentation from people who attended my “BULLETPROOF YOUR BUSINESS” seminars in Sydney and Newcastle earlier in the year. Read More

Get over the fear of becoming a used car sales person.

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Why are selling skills so important today?

  There is little doubt that the world has got a whole lot more complicated in the last 10-15 years. Doing business has likewise become more complex on just about Read More

A very good blog…Nina Simosko

  I recently came across a very good blog written by Nina Simosko. I read a lot of blogs from many business experts around the world and in my opinion Read More

101 Series to be published in Vietnam

Publishers of Andrew Griffiths 101 series, Allen & Unwin, have just announced that a contract has been signed for the books to be translated and published in Vietnam in 2009. Read More

Do you sell or do you just take money from people?

I often get asked what is the best thing to do to make a business more profitable? Most of the time my response is the same – learn how to Read More