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Hi Andrew, I have just finished your 3rd book on a flight from Melbourne to Rockhampton. Congratulations you have just got your 1st (probably) convert and devotee from the wrecking Read More

Girls Day Out – Interview with Andrew Griffiths

Andrew Griffiths – 101 Ways to have a business and a life In your book you confess to being an ex-workaholic… What made you realise your life balance was out Read More

Understanding that relationships have cycles that end

Most of us are familiar with personal relationships and the cycles that they can follow. We know the warmth and passion of the early stages of a relationship, the trust Read More

The art of empathy.

One of the best skills that I have learned over the years that has not only helped me to build better relationships but also to reduce stress in my life Read More

Learn to resolve issues quickly before they get out of hand.

In a past relationship, my wife at the time and I were having some problems – we would have a fight and it would last for days. Both of us Read More

Some customers just aren’t worth having

Some people are just too hard to have as customers and I think that there are times when the old saying, the customer is always right, is really wrong. One Read More

The torture of perfection.

Being a perfectionist is hard work and often those of us afflicted with this character feature struggle when working with others who don’t meet our expectations. I am certainly a Read More

Managing money problems

There are two kinds of businesses – those that have had money problems and those that will have money worries. It is a simple fact of doing business. I have Read More

Understand the enemy – write down the things that throw you out of whack.

If someone asks me what disrupts the balance between my business and my life I can easily list the culprits: 1. Overcommitting my time (I can’t say no and I Read More

Overcoming business overwhelm

Sometimes we all feel overloaded in our business. These are the days when it can start to feel just a little too much and everyone wants a piece of you. Read More