The power of expectations and how to manage them.

Having written a book on customer service (101 Ways to Really Satisfy Your Customers), I have spent a lot of time pondering the complex relationship between customers and businesses. I Read More

Share your experiences with others

One of the most impressive characteristics that I have noticed amongst exceptionally successful business entrepreneurs is their very honest and genuine desire to share their own knowledge and experiences. I Read More

Networking is not a dirty word

Networking is a buzz word that we all hear all of the time. Unfortunately for many business owners it evokes powerful images of standing around a room with a lot Read More

Ask people to send you business and they will

Often one of the greatest sources of new business comes from referrals. Magnificent businesses tend to get more than their fair share of referrals from happy customers and this is Read More

Give away free stuff to build your business.

This is the “put your money where you mouth is principle” and whilst it might not work for all businesses it will work for most. If what you sell is Read More

Always think big (how big is up to you)

What is the difference between the person who opens and runs a successful pizza restaurant and the person who opens and runs a chain of pizza restaurants around the world? Read More

Always be prepared for an opportunity.

The potential for a new customer is always just around the corner and the astute business owner and entrepreneur knows this fact well and they are always ready for action. Read More

Small Business Syndrome

One of my greatest frustrations is what I call the “Small Business Syndrome” and I refer to it often in my books. This is where the eternal excuse for not Read More

What is the difference between success and failure?

I get asked this question a lot and it is not an easy one to answer. Sure we can all look at a bank account balance but if that is Read More

101 Ways to build your business whilst donating blood

I have been donating blood for about 20 years. I first started to donate as a result of seeing my foster mother needing blood transfusions to help her in the Read More

Most people simply don’t spend time marketing their business.

Everyone knows that marketing is really important but the biggest battle for most small business owners is finding the time. Successful businesses are normally good marketers. They know it is Read More

Painted cows – advertising in the paddock

Advertising on cows has become quite popular in recent times, particularly in the UK. An ice cream company put specially made advertising capes on cows in a paddock next to Read More

Message on hold – the captive audience

Being put on hold is an everyday occurrence for most of us these days. If your customers get put on hold from time to time you might like to consider Read More

The more successful you become the more distractions that will appear!

This is a fact, as your business grows and you become more successful, more distractions will begin to appear around every corner. This is a dangerous time for any business Read More

So you want to write a book?

As an author I often end up in conversations about writing books. I am very passionate about writing and publishing. The interesting observation that I have made is that there Read More