Does Your Customer Service Stop When You Get Busy?

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Would Your Business Change if Your Customers UBER Rated You?

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If your values and your ideal clients values don’t align – look out.

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Stop Beating Yourself Up for Making Mistakes

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Do You Really Know Why Your Customers Buy From You?

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Measuring Progress In Your Business

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Are You Making the Wrong Assumptions?

Making assumptions in business are dangerous, instead of always looking at the glass half empty change your way of thinking and create more opportunities. Start by challenging your own assumptions Read More

What to Do When Boredom Creeps Into Your Workplace

It doesn’t matter what you build, invent or sell; your business can’t move forward without people. Every business owner knows that keeping their team moving forward together in harmony means Read More

We Need to Get Better at ‘Random Acts of Thank You’

In this video on Smallville, I ask business owners to start looking for ways where you can introduce ‘random acts of thank you’ into your business. The idea is to Read More

Free E-Book: Are You Ready to Make Your Business Boom in 2017?

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Have you checked out SMALLVILLE yet?

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(VIDEO) Are You Keeping Track of All Your Accomplishments?

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Well we are one month into Smallville…

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Would you like to be a contributor to my new Small Business platform – SMALLVILLE?

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