One of the funniest TED talks I’ve seen – on procrastination.

This is a very cool TED talk – inside the mind of a master procrastinator. Lots to take away, lots of laughs and a little too close to the truth Read More

I’m a guest on the hugely successful Jane Jackson ‘Careers’ Podcast.

Such a pleasure to be interviewed on Jane Jackson’s Careers Podcast. A wonderful review of all of the jobs I have had to get me to where I am today. Read More

The Clarity Webinar Recording – with Geoff Hetherington.

I did a webinar earlier today with Mr Geoff Hetherington, the Clarity CEO. I asked him a pile of questions around the increasingly important topic of clarity – feel free Read More

And the discussion around imposter syndrome continues…

I’ve been having a lot of discussions around the concept of “Imposter Syndrome” in recent weeks. In amongst these conversations Trevor Young, whose podcast if “DIY Personal Branding for Business Read More

Sometimes it’s not about building an empire…

When it comes to building a business not everyone wants to build an empire. Of course if you do, fantastic, but if you don’t, you should never be made to Read More

And today’s INC.COM article is all about trust….

Trust really is a big topic for discussion, and I don’t think one article will cover it, but it is a start. To read “How can you tell if people Read More

Today on I talk about the concept of “Imposter Syndrome”.

If you have ever felt like a bit of a fraud, you will understand this completely. I offer 7 ways to overcome the dreaded imposter syndrome – they worked for Read More

It’s OK to fail, in fact without it we probably won’t succeed.


And this week on, what can we learn from Petpreneurs?

Being a crazy pet owner and an entrepreneur, I’ve always been fascinated by the growing number of very innovative and creative “petpreneurs”. They are extremely smart and growing a $100B Read More

And from this week on I’m writing two columns a week for

  From this week I will be writing two columns per week for Very excited about this. In the past year and a half I’ve provided 75 articles, most Read More

If you are sick and tired of New Year’s resolutions (like me) then here are a few alternatives.

So when it comes to celebrating the end of a year and planning the New Year, I think most of us are getting a bit over resolutions. Here are five Read More

A very interesting docco about young entrepreneurs and their web based start ups

  I watched this video during the week – about young entrepreneurs working on their start ups. Most of them are based in Silicon Valley of course, but not all Read More

What’s your next career going to be?

I had the great pleasure of delivering a presentation last week at Griffith University, on the topic of “The Future of Work”. It was attended by students as well as Read More

How is this for business building coolness?

I’m a bit of a cuff link junkie. Not sure when that addiction started but it has. Anyway, a while back I lost a container full of my favourite cufflinks, Read More

This week on, 101 productivity tips in the one article.

A little while back I did a webinar with Sam Harrop, author of “Getting Stuff Done”. This webinar was hugely popular and the actual presentation went off on Slideshare. Anyway, Read More