Check Out the Free 2018 Smallville eBook

Smallville has been running for just over 18 months now, and in that time our extraordinary Contributors have published close to 2000 articles, videos and MP3 recordings, making Smallville one Read More

What does your relationship with failure look like?

I read an article on the weekend about a ten-year-old boy saying he felt like a failure. This broke my heart. I’ve been that ten-year-old boy. I’ve come across so Read More

(VIDEO) The Key to Standing Out from the Crowd

The key to standing out from the crowd is to do the things that others won’t. In life and in business, the most successful individuals are the ones who go Read More

6 Ways to be Less of a Worrier

For most of my life I was a worrier. I would always worry about what could go wrong, over thinking everything and living in a constant state of stress. The Read More

Please stop telling me to slow down and start telling me to speed up!

This week in my Smallville article I make a request – please stop telling me to slow down and start telling me to speed up! READ MORE.

Do manners maketh the entrepreneur?

I certainly think they do. For me good manners are definitely good for business, and they provide a great opportunity to stand out from the pack, as generally, I find Read More

How to build highly engaged tribes – with special guest Rosemary Shapiro-Liu

I did a webinar earlier in the week with the lovely Rosemary Shapiro-Liu, author of “The Mentor Within”, about tribe building. Rosemary is very good at creating engaged communities and Read More

I was recently interviewed by Andrea Wien for her new podcast.

Here is an excerpt from Andrea’s introduction – “Andrew Griffiths is Australia’s number one small business and entrepreneurial author, but despite what many initially think, he didn’t have a cushy Read More

Success comes to those who are able to zig when everyone else is zagging….

Have you become a lazy communicator?

Whilst doing some research recently I was amazed at how lazy many people have become when it comes to communicating. When I started to think about it more, I realised Read More

Proud to see I just hit 100 articles on

And very proud to say that this week I wrote and published my one hundredth article on And now I’m looking forward to the next hundred. READ MORE HERE.

One of the funniest TED talks I’ve seen – on procrastination.

This is a very cool TED talk – inside the mind of a master procrastinator. Lots to take away, lots of laughs and a little too close to the truth Read More

I’m a guest on the hugely successful Jane Jackson ‘Careers’ Podcast.

Such a pleasure to be interviewed on Jane Jackson’s Careers Podcast. A wonderful review of all of the jobs I have had to get me to where I am today. Read More

The Clarity Webinar Recording – with Geoff Hetherington.

I did a webinar earlier today with Mr Geoff Hetherington, the Clarity CEO. I asked him a pile of questions around the increasingly important topic of clarity – feel free Read More

And the discussion around imposter syndrome continues…

I’ve been having a lot of discussions around the concept of “Imposter Syndrome” in recent weeks. In amongst these conversations Trevor Young, whose podcast if “DIY Personal Branding for Business Read More