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We’ve all Experienced “The Customer Complaint Loop of Lunacy

I’ve got a friend of mine who is in the “customer complaint loop of lunacy”, which is typical of larger companies. In this particular case, the culprit is Apple, a Read More

Are you Being Lazy When you say ‘Thank You’ to Your Clients at Christmas?

Christmas is the time of year when we start to think about how best to say ‘thank you’ to our valued clients. How you say thank you will say a Read More

Your Business Will Grow Faster When You Help Others Grow Theirs

We all want other people to promote our businesses and to refer customers to us but do we reciprocate and recommend our supporters’ businesses to our clients? Doing this often Read More

Making the Wrong Assumptions Could Be Costing You Sales

It is amazing how often other people can mess up the follow-up process. For example, let’s say you meet a customer, promise to send them a catalogue, make a note Read More

Borrowing Money Should be a Last Resort Not a First Response

Over the years I’ve met many business owners who are in some form of financial grief. They are totally convinced that all of their problems will be solved if they Read More

Just How Slow to Adopt New Technology Are You?

When it comes to work practices and introducing technology into our business, many of us live a life of contradiction. We utilize incredible technology with items like smartphones and computers, Read More

Is it Time to Lighten up Your Language?

Today I was walking down the road in the Melbourne CBD and I saw two coffee shops that were closed with two very different signs. One simply had a “CLOSED” Read More

How Would Your Life Look if You Lived Fearlessly?

Fear holds us all back, both personally and professionally. As we get older we seek comfort, or status quo, and we are willing to compromise ourselves to keep it. The Read More

Do Your Customers Pay the Price for Internal Fighting?

Some businesses seem to struggle to process simple orders. This can be a source of constant aggravation for customers. Delays can be experienced, paperwork can be lost, mistakes can made Read More

Do You Want the Truth?

In business there is very little value in being told what we want to hear, as much as many people seem to thrive on it. We really grow the most, Read More

Why Authenticity Is Good for Business

I recently watched a wonderful TED talk from a professional wrestler whose confidence was shattered after the death of his biggest fan, his father. I saw many similarities between the Read More

Don’t Stop Having a Life Because You’ve Got a Business

As something of a workaholic, I can attest to the fact that owning and operating your own business can become all-consuming. You will have a lot of demands placed on Read More

Business Can Be Truly Terrifying at Times

When I was a kid I worried about everything. As I got older and started my business life, it seemed perfectly natural to worry about everything to do with my Read More

We Need to Learn to Celebrate Our Business Mistakes

I encounter a lot of business owners who lament the mistakes they’ve made and what these mistakes have cost them. I tend to take a different approach, and having made Read More

You Can Be Far More Self Sufficient in Your Business

How on earth do we know if we are on track or not in our business? Most of us just measure our progress by our bank account balance, which is Read More