22 December 2009


Use your time wisely

Well it’s that time of year where we’re all looking longingly at the finish line. Wow, what a year it has been. In my own little world it’s been a roller coaster ride on every level and there have been many days where I have had to stop and scratch my head and say “well that was a new experience”.

Christmas is the perfect time to stop and reflect. I like to take a three step approach to this. It is the time I like to really stop and give thanks for all that I achieved during the year. Hopefully you have got your own whiteboard up with a list of your 2009 victories in big, bold font. Celebrate them out loud and give yourself a really good pat on the back. There are plenty of businesses that are no longer out there – if you have survived what has been one of the toughest times in our history, you well and truly deserve that pat.

Secondly I like to ponder on what it is I have learnt during the year. And I have to say this year has been one big, hairy year of learning, that’s for sure. I think most of us have plenty to ponder and hopefully there are lessons we can grow from. If we haven’t learnt anything from the GFC we are destined to repeat the mistakes. Real business success that can be sustained comes from experience. I have made pretty much every mistake known to man kind, but I don’t beat myself up over them. I learn from them and try to help others from making the same mistakes.

Third and in many ways most importantly, think about where you are heading in 2010. Now is the time to spend a few hours getting very clear about what it is you want to achieve out of every facet of your life in the coming year. Goal setting is a big topic but to keep it short and to the point my advice is simple – be very specific about what you want to achieve, write it all down, start to visualise that you have already achieved it all and last but not least, don’t let others tell you what you can’t do. They are your goals – make them as big or as little as you want. But make them.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say “thanks”. I have about 1000 subscribers to my Business Bullet and I get a surprising amount of feedback. This year I had three books published, did a pile of presenting at some seriously good events and worked with some superb clients. I can’t wait for 2010 to start because I think it is going to be a fantastic year all round.

I look forward to sharing some of my adventures and my advice with you in 2010. Safe travels, get passionate about all that you do and dream big.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from me.


  1. Arthur K says:

    I like the thought of having survived 2009, it was a tough year and I am sure 2010 will also be tough, but it is time to rest, reflect and start planning again.

  2. Lewis says:

    I liked your note, I just think you should go gim n use contact lenses!

  3. Jean Burman says:

    Great post Andrew! Thanks… I needed that. Off to write up my list right now. It will be a long one [grin]

    Yes it’s been a challenging year… but we are still standing. Good. Looking forward now to what’s next.

    Merry Christmas to you and Deb… and very best wishes for the New Year from me.


  4. I am sorry for delay, but Happy New Year 2011 everyone!. I come and read the blog very often.

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