18 November 2009

If you are a presenter – you need to see this.

As a professional presenter I am always on the hunt for smart ideas to present better. Of course the more effective my presentations to more impact I can have and the more likely I am to get my message across.

I have posted quite a few slide shows from people around the world sharing their advice on the art of creating the perfect presentation. This one is without doubt the best I have come across. It covers everything you could possibly imagine when it comes to building the perfect presentation. I strongly urge anyone who presents for a living, in any shape or form, to take a good long look at this slide show and adopt as many of the recommendations by the author as you can.

5 thoughts on “If you are a presenter – you need to see this.”

  1. Nicky Jurd says:

    So many people get their slides wrong, this is a great presentation highlighting with humour how things should be done.

  2. Great link AG, thanks.
    I use this methodolgy in my photography workshops, a lot of the time using my own photos, very powerful way to learn because humans are visual animals. Photography and images, used in the right way, especially humourously, can awake a very dull executives key note presentation, pity bar charts and graphs haven’t been outlawed yet!!

    Cheers SR

  3. I know what you mean Andrew, and you are a living example of how to tell your story visually.

    I recall going along to a Chamber of Commerce luncheon, and a policeman from the Gold Coast gave a powerpoint preso about night street saftey…Every slide had an essay of text on it.. talk about falling asleep!

    If you want a good idea of what not to do, and I know Andrew and Nicky would enjoy this, as they are the best presenters in Cairns, check this out on my Blog. http://www.cairnsblog.net/2008/02/i-hate-powerpoints.html

  4. Hi – nice set of slides.

    Couple of points I’d like to add though.

    Firstly, the slide set itself used bullet points. It got away with them by hiding them by giving them a slide to themselves and spreading a list over seven or eight sides…. 🙂

    More importantly, the point about cutting out your pics is really important, so I was slightly surprised that you didn’t mention Keynote. The “Instant Alpha”: function there allows you to do the Photoshop stuff you’re advocating on the fly, as you click and drag your pics into the presentation itself.

    Cheers….. Simon

  5. Hi Simon,

    Good points. Likewise I agree with you regarding “KEYNOTE” – the most wonderful presentation tool that us Mac users give thanks for every time we fire it up. I do a lot of presentation training and one of my biggest pieces of advice is to buy a Mac laptop so you can use Keynote. It will change your life.

    So thanks for your input Simon,


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