03 November 2009

Outsource your social media marketing to the kid on the couch.

OK – lets face it, for many of us getting our heads around the world of Blogging, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and about a million other social media formats, can be a challenge. But we have to face up to the fact that if you don’t connect with the rest of the world through at least some of these communication channels, your business will suffer and as the years go by, it will only become more of an issue. So what can we do?

Well I am starting to see a whole new industry develop for 12-17 years olds. They are being engaged by their business owner parents to manage the social media aspects of their business, and they do it on a monthly retainer. One business owner I was chatting to in Sydney recently said that she paid her daughter $150 a month – and in return her daughter had to do two Tweets a day, provide one blog article a week and update the Facebook site daily. The mum provides a brief on the subject matter and what she wants to say, and the daughter puts it together and makes it smart enough to work in this environment.

Now I think this is a great idea. All of a sudden our kids can be tax deductible – at long last!!!! But seriously, we can outsource a part of our business that can be really challenging for those of us who are technically challenged and time deprived, to individuals who not only get the media where we want to promote ourselves and our business but they actually live in there anyway. And of course, if they don’t do their job, they don’t get paid. Perfect.

It’s just an idea, but one worth thinking about. Perhaps it’s time to outsource your social media marketing to the teenager on the couch.

6 thoughts on “Outsource your social media marketing to the kid on the couch.”

  1. Nicky Jurd says:

    Andrew you’re spot on this with this strategy!

    We give our work experience students a list of things they need to achieve while they’re with us, and they always handle the social media adeptly, and they really love it too.

    One small thing though, we notice they need a thorough spell check and proofread on the blog posts.

  2. IMHO I think that while this can pass as a low-cost solution, any brand really needs more than this “I’m social actively” solution. You can’t trust the communication channel to your nephew unless you’re the downtown groceries store.

    Just my .2¢



  3. Jean Burman says:

    That’s so funny Andrew! And so true. Can really relate to the challenges of learning the ropes of the social media scene… and one thing’s for sure… the technologically challenged should not attempt Facebook Red Bubble and Twitter all in the same week!

    Great idea to outsource to the kids… except that when they grow up and leave home (as they are serially inclined to do! grin)… you then have to learn for yourself or perish!

    Better maybe to bite the bullet sooner rather than later. You know what they say… If you can’t beat ’em you may as well join ’em! They’ll love you for it until you turn up in their tweets. LOL

  4. Hey Alberto – I think that is a good point. I would suggest that you get some teenage help – but give them a clear and strict brief to follow. I appreciate your feedback.


  5. And Jean – yes I did think about you when I wrote this post – you have been a master of this strategy but it is a real bugger that they grow up!

    You make me laugh!



  6. Arthur K says:

    Getting started with social media isn’t hard, its making a return on the effort that is the hard part. But as with anything in technology you need to just start doing it and learn along the way, watch others and try things. The best part about it is that it costs literaly nothing to get started with either blogging and twitter.

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