02 August 2023

One day speaker skill training intensive – Cairns, September 1, 2023


In a world where speaking and presentation skills are becoming more valued every day, there are a lot of speakers out there, but few that are outstanding. This is mostly because they simply haven’t been taught the skills that they need to know that will differentiate them from their competitors. If you’re prepared to do what it takes to ramp up your speaker skills, there are many rewards.

My name is Andrew Griffiths and I’ve been a professional speaker in one shape or another most of my life. I’ve delivered almost 1000 presentations in over 25 countries, with a focus on business success. Developing and growing as a speaker is an obsession for me, I’m constantly learning, adapting and evolving as a speaker.

For the past 25 years I’ve been working with and training all level of speakers, teaching them the skills that can dramatically impact on their success. I’ve worked with many brand new speakers and presenters, right through to seasoned veterans, sharing my unique frameworks, tools, tips and advice that cover every aspect of speaking. To sum my speaker training and coaching up – I help people of substance to become speakers of substance.


My “One Day Speaker Skills Intensive” is designed to give you the knowledge and the resources that you’re going to be able to take and apply to your presenting straight away. At the end of this one day workshop, you will have a long list of new skills and tools to help you on the path to becoming an exceptional speaker. Some of the key learnings will be:

  • Understanding the single most important outcome of any presentation
  • A unique 9 step presentation structure that you can use for every single presentation you do
  • How to create powerful openings that make the audience sit up and listen
  • Learn the one skill that is a complete game changer that most speakers aren’t even aware of
  • The simple way to reduce speaker nerves
  • How to adapt your presentations to suit any audience
  • The seven vital rules for creating world class slide decks
  • A self assessment tool to help you develop your stage craft


Anyone who has ever done one of my training programmes knows that I cover a lot of ground. I go deep on the topics that matter, so expect to get a great deal of new information and knowledge out of this one day intensive. The specific modules that we will be covering includes –

  • Getting clear on exactly why we are presenting and how this influences everything we do
  • Having the right structure to follow for any presentation
  • Giving your audience a reason to listen
  • The concept of energetic mapping
  • How and where to use stories
  • Creating simple slide decks that enhance your brand
  • Understanding stage craft with a framework to follow
  • And lots more ad hoc conversations about speaking

On top of all of this, we’re going to have an energetic, fun filled day. You’re going to be in a room full of people like you, committed and keen to become better as speakers.


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