18 April 2022

I just love moments of serendipity…like this.


When you’re an author, you get to have some extraordinarily serendipitous moments. I’ve been fortunate enough to have many over the last 23 years, but recently, I had a doozy. I was passing through my old stomping ground of Cairns and I needed a hire car for 24 hours. Strangely I hired one from AVIS, who I haven’t used for years, because I’ve got a loyalty membership with Hertz.

All went well and I was dropping the car back at the airport when something wonderful happened. I parked the car at the terminal and a young AVIS rep walked over to log the car back in. As he was asking me how the car ran, he stopped and looked long and hard at his iPad and then asked me if I was Andrew Griffiths? I said I was, then he asked me if I was an author? Again I said I was. He smiled, said he would be back in a second, went to his van and came back with a copy of one of my books, the ME MYTH.

WOW, how amazing. He said his name was Vikesh, and then he started raving about how this book changed his life. He reads it all of the time and he’s got all of the AVIS staff at the Cairns Airport to read it. Then Vikesh called over his manager – Sandra. She was lovely, she laughed about how extraordinary this whole thing was and she backed up Vikesh’s story – saying he made them all read The Me Myth.

We had a lovely moment, took some pics and all shook our heads about how amazingly serendipitous this moment was.Now to add to this, whilst I was taking the photos, I accidentally called Lalita. I didn’t realise it, but she got to listen to the whole “OMG” conversation. This was one of the best and most random of experiences ever.

Think about everything that had to happen for that serendipitous moment to happen:

1. Vikesh had to read the book and have it on him (it’s 13 years old and not readily available now).

2. I had to hire a car from AVIS – something I haven’t done in over 10 years.

3. I had to be traveling to Cairns.

4. I had to be returning the car on the day and at a time when Vikesh was working.

5. There are lots of AVIS staff, any one of them could have served me but Vikesh did.

So whilst these pics might just look like a nice author and fan shot, they are so much more. This was all a part of a week with a number of very big moments for me. Not sure what it all means, but just taking it for what it is and welcome serendipity into my world.

A very big thank you to my #1 raving fan at AVIS in Cairns, Vikesh.

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