08 June 2009

Make a decision up front about what type of sales person you want to be

We all know the corny clichés about sale people being smooth, silver tongued, slick and basically dishonest sharks.  Thank goodness those days are long gone, or at least well on the way out. No one wants one of these sales people selling to them and who really wants to be one of these types of pushy sales thugs?

As a person who sells something, you get to decide what kind of sales person you want to be. It is an open canvas, one where you get to become exactly what you want to be. You get to set the rules. You get the be the exact type of sales professional that you want to be. You get to decide up front what type of sales person you want to be and it is a conscious decision that you need to make.

For me, I realised long ago that I had a number of goals and objectives when it comes to my sales career. They are:

 1.     I can only sell something that is high quality and that I have confidence in.

2.     I will always be 100% honest in my dealings.

3.     I will do everything in my power to ensure that my reputation is continually built on positive action.

4.     I will only sell for ethical and honest companies.

5.     I have to be passionate about what I sell.

6.     I want to be proud of every sales interaction that I have.

7.     I will be one of the best sales people in whatever industry I am in.

8.     I will constantly learn how to be a better sales person.

9.     I will always exceed my sales budgets.

10.  I will be creative and innovative, learning from those around me but never getting stuck in the “that’s the way we always did it” head space.

I strongly advise you to decide what kind of sales person you intend to be. Or if you have been selling for a long time, what are your “rules” when it come to selling. Defining these helps to give what we do perspective, regardless of whether you work in sales or own your own business where selling is a necessity of what you do.




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