24 March 2009

I will try and do that……what does it really mean?

“Trying is lying. There is no such thing as trying. You do it or you don’t. You get results in life or you have excuses why you didn’t. When people say,  ‘I’ll try,’ they usually mean, ‘I’m not going to do it now.”

— Dick Sutphen: Psychic researcher and author and speaker on hypnotherapy

5 thoughts on “I will try and do that……what does it really mean?”

  1. Susan Jones says:

    Wow, that is SO true …

  2. Jane says:

    No committment in ‘I’ll try’ or belief that they can or want to. Lots of people say things they do not actually mean for all sorts of reason. But, trying something out to see if you like it seems different (sampling), and wise almost, before any firm decison or opinion is made. I think Dirk’s few lines were highlighting the seemingly ‘polite’ way we lie to ourself first and then to others to avoid actually saying what we want or think, a ‘brush off’ perhaps. Don’t give yourself the ‘brush off’, be honest in everything you say to yourself, and take notice of what ‘talk’ and ‘stories’ you are telling yourself. What you ‘think’ influences your actions and what you achieve.

  3. Jean Burman says:

    On the contrary… trying isn’t lying. It’s being honest. People say they will “try” when they lack the confidence to boldly state “I will”.

    Fear of failure is omnipresent in the words “I will try”. And the fear is as understandable as it is regrettable. For whilst trial (try) and error offers no guarantees whatsoever… it is paradoxically the only road to eventual success.

    Therefore… the words “I’ll try” should be both actively encouraged and enthusiastically supported in every honest attempt. 🙂

  4. Luke says:

    It was all in Star Wars and I quote:

    “Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.”

    — Yoda

  5. Love your work Luke.

    The force be with you!!!!

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