13 January 2007

Message on hold – the captive audience

Being put on hold is an everyday occurrence for most of us these days. If your customers get put on hold from time to time you might like to consider this as an opportunity to advertise your business to them. Message on hold is simply a recorded message that enables specific pre-recorded messages to be played whilst customers are on hold.

It is relatively inexpensive and there are plenty of companies that offer this service. I recommend that businesses use message on hold to educate customers about what products and services your business offers. Regular customers may not be aware of the full range of services that you offer and this is the perfect way to let them know.

To make the message on hold concept work it is important to change the messages regularly otherwise it can start to sound like a broken record. I also recommend trying to keep the amount of time that your customers are on hold to a bare minimum as time is precious and none of us like sitting on the end of a telephone waiting for service for too long.

Because of this your messages need to be short sharp grabs or points rather than long drawn out overly descriptive passages about how wonderful your business is.

For more information on using message on hold to grow your business click here.

One thought on “Message on hold – the captive audience”

  1. Trina says:

    As a customer who has called numerous companies before, I’ve tried being put on hold. However, there are more times when I’d have to put up with boring or annoying music and repeated messages reminding me that I’m on hold. I appreciate what one company did with their message on hold though because it provided me more insight into what new products or services they are offering. As someone desperate to listen to anything more useful than music that I don’t like, I was listening intently to the voice over.

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