06 January 2009

I need your help!

Dear Blog Visitors, 

I am in the middle of writing a new book designed to help business owners survive the tough times at hand. My book is going to cover the four following topics – 

1. Things every business should do all the time to protect it from tough times.

2. What to do when you start to see the signs that the times are getting tough.

3. Now the poop has hit the fan, you have to react right now.

4. How to survive if your business doesn’t.

This book is due for publication in July 2009 and I am struggling to come up with a title. I would like to ask for your advice. I want it to be positive, not a doomsday book. I want it to really reach out to business owners who want advice on how to protect their business.

If you could submit any ideas here I would really appreciate it and if I use a suggested title the winner will get a full set of my 101 series books and a nice mention in the new book.   

Many thanks,


5 thoughts on “I need your help!”

  1. Geoffrey Beck says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Try some of these:

    Business Inc. – Recession proof your business

    Protect your business – Beat the global financial crisis

    GFM Buster – Protect your business from a Global Financial Meltdown

    101 ways to protect your business from a global financial meltdown

    101 ways to avoid being a victim of the global financial meltdown

    Astonishing ways to protect your business from a financial meltdown

    Powerful protection techniques for your business

    Don’t read this book if you what to fail in business

    Protect your Business with a recession proof wall

    How to beat a global financial crisis – Smart secrets of a proven expert

    Business techniques to beat a financial meltdown

    Avoid the mistakes made by 90% of businesses – How to attract amazing results in your business

    Business Incorporated – Powerful methods to excel your business through tough times

    I could go on and on using many combinations of the above.

    Good Luck



  2. ‘Times are tough: what a load of ol’ crap!’
    ‘Don’t watch the news and your business will fly’
    ‘Its bad if you think its bad’

    Maybe my crazy ideas will trigger some ideas in you!

  3. Jo Jennings says:

    Hi Andrew – I really like the way your book titles are straight to the point. So how about something simple like “101 Ways to RISE ABOVE the tough times” or “101 ways to FLY HIGH in a tough economic climate”


  4. Hi Andrew-

    Stoked that I have found your books !! Read two so far; loving them. The most usefull books I,ve come across for a long long time.

    Another idea for your new book; How about 101 Ways to BULLET PROOF your business.

    Kindest regards,

  5. Ben says:

    101 ways to thrive in tough times

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