15 November 2008

Get over the fear of becoming a used car sales person.

I think that many people have a real fear of being perceived as a pushy or high pressure sales person. I also think that many people actually hide behind this “fear”, using it as a convenient reason to not participate in sales training or to take any responsibility for sales within an organisation.

I hear the words “I’m not in sales so I don’t need to know about selling” all the time. Well I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but the reality is that we are all selling something. It might be our products and services, it might be the company we work for, it might just be ourselves in a job interview or it might even be on a date.

Today no one is isolated from selling in some shape or form and it you are employed by a company, you share the responsibility of selling and promoting that business whether you think you do or not.

The simple reality is that we are all sale people so why not be really good at it? In the light of the changing economic climate it is very likely that jobs will start to get a little harder to come by. I have never seen anyone who is great at selling standing in an unemployment line. Likewise businesses that are great at selling (or specifically business owners who are great at selling) tend to survive the tougher times. And used car salespeople in both camps are thin on the ground.

The choice is yours…… 


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