27 November 2014

A question for the business travellers out there…

hotel keys in cabinet

OK, I stay at a lot of hotels every year and so do many of you. We all know that the experience can vary a lot, some fantastic, some lousy. I recently stayed at a hotel at Darling Harbour in Sydney which they conveniently forgot to mention was undergoing some serious renovations.

When I rang reception to complain about the noise at 6.45am, I couldn’t hear them on the other end of the line because of the jack hammering in the room next to mine. When I went to reception in my underwear, there were about 50 people (none in their underwear) at the counter complaining. One small “ooopsy” – not telling people about major renovations.

Anyway, I’m rambling. So, I have a few bug bears that drive me crazy when I’m at a hotel for work – but I’m really keen to know what drives you crazy so I can write an article about it for Inc.com.

I understand completely that these are first world problems, and yep, there are bigger things to worry about in life than any of this – but for those who spend half their lives in a little square room, have a rant and lets see if we can bring some change to hotels that just don’t get it.

Here are a few of mine to get you started:

  1. Lousy internet – 4kb an hour. I recently stayed at a hotel that was so proud to offer 50mb of free date – that’s not enough to check email these days.
  2. There is only one power point in the room – and it is in the most inconvenient place to reach.
  3. Credit card style keys that never work – meaning you finally get to your room after a long day, the key doesn’t work and you have to go back to reception, line up, get a new key cut and pray that it will work.
  4. Rooms that have been badly cleaned – the shower still has the back hair from the last person who stayed in the room.
  5. Complicated light switches – it takes you an hour to figure out which light switch works which light – and it is impossible to turn them all off at one time – so you sleep with a pillow over your face.

Please respond here with your pet peeves – I’ll post this on social media as well – and report back when I get the results. Until then, keep enjoying that lousy room service, $29,95 per day internet (with an allowance that will let you receive 2.4 emails) and the iron that stains your clothes.

A Grumpy AG…..

UPDATE – I have since compiled the responses and put together an article which was just published on Inc.com to highlight our 35 biggest irritations when it comes to staying out hotels – Check it out HERE.

12 thoughts on “A question for the business travellers out there…”

  1. Natsaha Milne says:

    Definitely all first world problems, but not being able to open a window is one. Air conditioning programmed to -35c, no iron in the room, bad lighting, and yes, definitely poorly done room cleaning-the first thing that comes off the bed is the cover, which NEVER gets cleaned in almost all hotels, regardless of how good they are. The other thing is bad room service, if you just don’t feel like going out to eat. One of the top hotels in Sydney has probably the worst room service I have ever had, in all my years of travel-really, no excuse, especially when paying exorbitant prices.

  2. Linda Wilson says:

    Having cleaned rooms in my student days I can tell you it’s back breaking work, some guests are truly beyond belief, however I digress! From a customers perspective I have to say I resent having to become a seasoned ballet dancer with pointy toes just to get my feet down to the bottom of the bed…. what’s with the sheets so tight you lose circulation below the knees if you don’t kick the covers off immediately. Also I know they are complimentary but really… shortbread that needs to be soaked in the bath before you can eat it. Try those nasty little shortbreads management/food catering people! Another thing NO AIR that is truly fresh. The number of times I’ve woken up feeling like I’ve been smothered, fallen out of bed because my legs have no circulation and knocked myself unconscious on one of those little short bread biscuits… ridiculous!

  3. Sue Korecki says:

    One of my pet peeves is staying at an “executive” hotel where the room itself has been updated, but the bathroom is still back in the 1980’s, complete with mould in the corners, the cupboards and benchtops are a dull pink, the tiles are cracked and where there is evidence of water damage and the like.
    Another small one is the small airplane-style milk sachets and the crappy black tea and coffee sachets. Please, does a decent selection of tea and coffee cost the earth?

  4. Yeah I hate that pointy toe thing. I have to pull the bed apart before I get into it. I’m sure there must be a reason for it right?

  5. Yep, I hear you Sue. Thanks for the share.

  6. Paul Steed says:

    My gripes when staying at hotels are,

    Not being recognised when you stay in the same hotel every week
    Not enough staff during high checkin/out periods,
    elevator speeds and not enough elevators for the volume of guests
    Room keys effected by credit cards in your wallet, mobile phones.
    Covers on ironing boards, crap on the bottom of irons,
    Hanging space in cupboards where you are better off hanging tour clothes on the floor
    Corridors being 25degrees higher than your room
    Shower head being too low, showers in baths

    I could rant on – however as I stay at hotels recommended/chosen by clients i won’t

    Wow I could go on

  7. I hear you Paul – get it out mate.


  8. Agree with all so far the other one that really gets me is either getting the room next to the noisy elevator which clunks and rattles all night, or the room next to the staff stairway that they open and close all night!!

  9. Kerrie says:

    Hey Andrew, my pet hate as a female traveller is sometimes no hairdryer and when there is one the voltage is really low. Must be at least 2400 to have an impact. Followed by not enough coat hangers for the wardrobes, inability to open windows and get some fresh air. Parking and internet then come in – should be included in room rate for internet at least. Hope that helps. Kerrie

  10. Well I don’t have that problem Kerrie – I am more concerned that a hair dryer that strong might blow my hair off! But I appreciate your point. Many thanks! And yeah, $50 a day for parking – on top of a $300 room? I don’t think so.

  11. Yep. I agree. How about those hotels where the early morning newspaper drop is by a member of staff too lazy to bend down and place the paper by the door, so they drop it, in front of every door up and down the corridor. Seriously?

  12. Jane says:

    to follow on from Kerrie, I would like to find the hairdryer in the bathroom with a power point that accommodates more than shavers, rather than in the desk where there is no mirror, or with the iron…. and shampoo bottles and conditioner with writing big enough to read without glasses on!

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