17 September 2014

Are you coming to the Art of Storytelling workshop in Sydney?


Nick Bowditch and I have our first “Art of Storytelling” workshop coming up in Sydney on the 27th of September – and we are really looking forward to it. It is going to be a great day, at a great venue. A few people have asked for more information about what we are going to be covering, so here is all of the information (or you can check out the website for the workshops – CLICK HERE).

So what is the day all about?

Storytelling is a hot topic, but in reality, we are simply rediscovering it. Storytelling has been the single most powerful communication tool for thousands of years and we are just starting to understand how relevant and significant it is today.

In this one day workshop we are going to show you just how important storytelling can be to your business and your life. And most significantly, we are going to show you how to become a better storyteller. We are going to focus on three key areas of storytelling – the written word, the spoken word and the digital word. The topics that we will cover include:

★ Show the relationship between storytelling and engagement
★ Identify the storytelling opportunities
★ Clarify where most people go wrong
★ Introduce a storytelling framework that can be used in any situation
★ Improve our storytelling skills with the written, the spoken word and the digital word

What Can You Expect?

This is truly a workshop like no other. So what can you expect from the day?


WHY – Why tell the story?
AUTHENTICITY – Can you tell it authentically?
RELEVANCE – Is it an appropriate story to be told?
MESSAGE – What is the key message to take away?
THE PATHWAY – Outline the story.
MECHANISM – What is the best mechanism to tell the story?
RESULTS – How do you know if it has worked?


The written word and storytelling – how they connect and why we need to get better at it.
Getting clear on what has changed in recent years and the opportunity this presents.
Types of written word – everything from a label to a book and everything in between.
There are many stories to share, not just the obvious ones.
Applying the storytelling framework to the written word.
Where do people go wrong?
Tips and tricks to get your story across.
The power of handwritten words.
Where should you tell stories in your business?
Storytelling in the first, second and third person.
If you don’t get attention no one will read it.
A check list for writing short, high impact stories (think articles) that will get shared, talked about and remembered.


Why is spoken storytelling so important in the business world?
The various formats of the spoken word that apply to storytelling.
How to do you tell stories? What applies to you.
What are the biggest challenges when it comes to spoken stories?
The power of anecdotes – and a few tricks for using them.
To tell stories or to not tell stories in presentations?
Applying the storytelling framework to the spoken word.
How does it work with Interviews?
When it comes to videos, most people struggle to get storytelling right.
Tone, pitch, volume etc – using your voice.
The visual element (telling stories by PowerPoint).


Who is your online audience?
What are you competing with online?
Which platform suits your story the best?
How can you use multiple platforms online to tell a more complete story.
Storytelling on social media – what’s different?
Tips and tricks.
Paying for a wider audience – but how much?
Tying the offline to the online.
What’s the future of online storytelling?
Sydney 27th September

Brisbane 23rd October

Melbourne 25th October.

For more information, or to book, check out the website – CLICK HERE




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