24 February 2014

Have you ever tried to register a business name with ASIC? Be warned, the bureaucrats have done their part to make it a nightmare….

Mama mia, only a bizarre, semi redundant, independent (?) Government department like ASIC can take a process like registering a business name and make it a nightmare.

Firstly you have to register for ASIC connect (no mean feat) – and you have to work out (and remember) a 9 digit password, that has to have three upper case letters, three lower case letters, three numbers and three symbols, all with no two letters in the same order as any in the username……………………………………and God forbid you forget the number, you have to go through the whole process again……..how dumb can you be?

I am sorry, but there is no need to have such a ridiculously overcomplicated system, simply to register for ASIC connect (I haven’t even registered the business yet).

Attention all levels of Government in Australia – stop making business harder than it needs to be – get out of the way and let us do what we do. I am so sick and tired of bureaucrats doing what they can to make life harder for small business owners in Australia.

Now I haven’t even mentioned that you have to go to the site to register a business name, there are no other options. Somehow you have to navigate the entire ASIC site, looking for a simple button that says “Register a Business Name”, but nope, that would be too simple. You have to telepathically work out that you have to registers for this amazing ASIC Connect nightmare first………….

The idea of a central business register is a good idea, how about you actually make it simple? Grrrrrrrrr.


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