24 January 2013

Transform your business one week and one idea at a time…

There is no shortage of information or advice telling small business owners all the things they need to do to make their business successful. And this is fantastic.

The problem is that we can end up a little overwhelmed, albeit with really good information. We take in this great information, but we don’t implement it. It comes down to over-analysis paralysis.

In this presentation I am offering a years worth of business building ideas, broken into 52 weekly strategies that will take your business from where it is today to where you want it to be tomorrow. 

This means all you have to do is focus on one particular week at a time, and I suggest you do. Master the strategy for that week and it might just become a habit that will stay with you for ever.

Good luck


12 thoughts on “Transform your business one week and one idea at a time…”

  1. Great blog Andrew.

    I know I get overwhelmed by the enormity of information circulating and when and how to implement it all. I really like your one week at a time approach, which I will be taking on.

    Thanks for preparing such a great series of slides.


    Darren Naftal

  2. Thanks Darren – I’m the same – information overload leads to me doing nothing! Thanks for your feedback.

    Cheers Mate,

  3. Laynie Kelly | the Marketing Muscle says:

    I thought it was just me that is affected by the “informational overload”. I’ve come to realise it’s the same principle as when I started weight training. Everyone had an opinion on how to lift, what to do, more importantly what I should be doing. I’d already committed and invested with a personal trainer, and I was rapidly becoming confused. Until I said enough. I had to believe in someone to guide me on the path I had started on, and that’s why I chose that particular trainer. So I stopped listening to everyone else. BTW, I’m still training with the same trainer, eight years on. Now as I expand my business and services, I carefully chose who I listen to, and learn from. Aren’t you lucky you are one of them? Thanks Andrew.

  4. Hello Laynie – thanks for the comments – a great story, thanks for the share. And yes, I feel very fortunate to be one of the few people on your list of “approved” advisors!!!

    Have an awesome year!

  5. Fantastic idea – got my Learner glasses on, trusty notebook by my side and ready to get going! Love POSY

  6. You have never been afraid of learning new stuff have you Posy? Good on you.

    A big hug,

  7. John says:

    I went through 12 weeks of tips at once and I have to say they are much needed for me.
    Thanks Andrew!

  8. Alina Leang says:

    Fantastic value as always Andrew. Simple transforming ideas for moving any business forward through all the noise. Yes Please! It is always the little things that we forget which are the most important.

    Will print these off and have a theme per week.


    Soul Bucket

  9. Thanks so much Alina. I think that many people look for the complex before they have mastered to simple.

    I really appreciate your feedback,

  10. Thanks John – glad you like my tips! I hope you have a fantastic year.


  11. Hey Andrew,

    Thank you so much for this, some seriously questioning little habits have been revealed to me, via these weekly tips…me thinks there needs to be a few changes made!

    Appreciate you doing this mate. Makes for a little more direction every week. Cheers


  12. Thanks Mate – I have plenty of them to do myself!


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