18 November 2012

Need some Business to Business marketing ideas?

My NZ based buddy, Graham McGregor, has posted a really good webinar for anyone who wants to ramp up their business to business marketing activity. Now a word of warning, this recording is only going to be up until the 23rd of November so if you want to listen in, you will need to do it soon. I have a lot of respect for Graham, he is a very active marketer who knows his stuff. His advice is right on target every time and the more I work with him the more I like what he has to say.

In this webinar Graham covers -

  • The IMM system to magnetically attract large numbers of ideal new business clients
  • Three ways to get an unfair business advantage in less than 7 days
  • Two words that will increase your B2B sales and referrals by at least 15% a year
  • How to double the effectiveness of every sales presentation you make
  • An easy strategy to turn your best business customers into your unpaid sales team
  • The two things that every business customer really wants (and it’s not the lowest price)
  • And much more…

If any of the above points resonate with you (they all resonate with me) listen in.


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