27 January 2008

An interesting poem from Zig Ziglar – sales guru

I came across this poem this morning whilst researching my new book. Zig Ziglar recited it in one of his famous sales books. Whilst he used it as an example of a way to overcome sales objections regarding cost, it struck a chord with me about life in general. Sometimes we all wait too long to do the things we really need to do. Enjoy.

The Bride, white of hair, is stooped over her cane,
Her footsteps uncertainly guiding.
While down the opposite aisle,
With a wan, toothless smile,
The bridgegroom, in wheelchair, come riding.
Now who is this elderly couple thus wed?
Well you’ll find when you’ve closely explored it,
That here is the rare
Most conservative pair
Who waited till they could afford it.

The poem is by Ogden Nash

3 thoughts on “An interesting poem from Zig Ziglar – sales guru”

  1. Mark Mason says:

    Fantastic poem! Spoken with good hearted intent to encourage the sale.. LOVE IT!!

  2. Edith Hanson says:

    The poem is by Ogden Nash.

  3. Joanne Hegedus says:

    I can not find this by Ogden Nash, but by Richard Armour, titled: “To Have and Too Old”.

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