26 July 2012

A Business Bullet that is travelling around the world…

A couple of weeks back I wrote a Business Bullet (this goes out to my subscriber database) following a conference that I attended in the USA. This BULLET has been forwarded, shared, talked about and reported on to some 10,000 people now. In the modern world you never quite know just how far your reach will extend. Enjoy.


I am writing todays Business Bullet after spending 4 days at a pretty amazing conference in California. The conference is called Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), an annual event attended by over 7,000 people from the financial planning industry.

The MDRT conference was made up of an incredible array of world class speakers, inspirational presentations, motivational sessions, networking events and people from many countries around the word sharing knowledge, experience and ideas.

But there was one big problem with this conference that really stood out to me – the wrong people attended.

Every single person I met at the MDRT event was passionate about their chosen industry, they were energetic, they were fired up, they freely shared their knowledge and they were humble enough to sit back and learn from others. Their attitude was that if they took just one idea from this conference, the investment would have been more than worth it. I have no doubt that anyone attending MDRT would have left with a suitcase bulging with ideas.

So why were they the wrong people to attend? Because these people live their lives in this positive state. They invest in their own knowledge. They give back to their industry and to their community. They are motivated and inspirational already and they work on it daily.

The people who should come to an event like this are those people who are miserable, who are struggling, who do little but moan, who spend nothing on bettering themselves or their community and who habitually complain about pretty much everything. The world is to blame for everything bad that they are experiencing. Their days are spent on the treadmill and they do little to help anyone else, because they feel resentful. And they are certainly not grateful for anything they do have in their life.

Now, of the two types of people, who do you think are the most successful? Of course it is the first group. I see these two distinct groups in every industry, in every country around the world. The key to success here is to do more of what Group 1 do and none of what Group 2 do. Simple really isn’t it?

But remaining inspired, motivated and energised is not that easy. It is something we all have to work at every single day. It’s like getting fit. You can’t go to the gym once a year and hope to stay in peak shape. We really need to do some form of exercise on a daily basis.

I believe that the same principle applies to keeping our attitude fit and healthy. We need to workout every single day. This means reading positive and inspirational books and articles. It means listening to positive and inspirational CD’s in your car. It means mixing with positive and inspirational people, daily. It means getting things done, because this gives us a sense of satisfaction. It means investing in your own personal development.

Just as many of us have a plan to get fit or stay fit, we need to have a plan to get our attitude fit and keep it fit. If you don’t make the time to do this on a daily basis you probably won’t do it. It should be a priority. I tend to use the early hours of the morning to do my attitude workout, but really I do attitude exercises all day long.

The more fit your attitude becomes the more resilient you become. You also attract more like minded people into your world. You will also start to attract a better calibre of client and more great opportunities. Best of all, the days will appear much brighter, you will enjoy every interaction a lot more and you will make more money. Now who wouldn’t want all of this?

So get out the old lycra, the smelly socks and the old gym shoes and get that attitude workout underway.

Until next time,

Andrew Griffiths

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