24 January 2012

Every Small Business owner will want this…but there are only 20 on offer.

We all get so immersed in our business that at times we can’t see the forest because of the trees. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone who has helped thousands of other business owners give you a dedicated, one on one session to help solve any problems you may be having, get clarity on where you are going or just to fire you up?

Well now you can. I am offering 20 very special packages, that will only be available until January 31st (unless they are sold out before then). You get a one on one “SUPERCHARGE YOUR BUSINESS” session with me. Depending where you are, it might be face to face, over the phone or by Skype, but I guarantee it will be pivotal in the success of your business.

How much I hear you ask? This session is only $495. Surely that is a great investment in your business? But hang on, I want to offer a lot more.

To start the year in a big way, I am also going to give you 10 of my products for FREE. You get to choose five of my Bestselling books AND five of my Business Boosting CDs – you choose which ones you want from the list below. This represents over $500 in added value.

Just think what all of this could do for your business? A SUPERCHARGE YOUR BUSINESS session with me, five of my business building books and five of my business building CD’s, all for the amazing price of only $495. But you better hurry, because I know this package will walk out the door.

So you’ve made the decision to buy the SUPERCHARGE YOUR BUSINESS package what now?

  • STEP ONE – Pat yourself on the back for making a very smart decision.
  • STEP TWO – Work out which books and which CD’s you want for FREE (see the list below)
  • STEP THREE – Email info@andrewgriffiths.com.au – let me know which 5 books you want and which 5 CD’s you want and give me your credit card number and expiration date.
  • STEP FOUR – I will send you a brief “SUPERCHARGE MY BUSINESS” questionnaire.
  • STEP FIVE – Give me a little time to review your questionnaire once you return it.
  • STEP SIX – Organise our session.

Simple as that. But don’t take my word that you will get great value for money, read what some of my fan’s have to say.

“If it wasn’t for Andrew’s incredible advice there is no way my business would be where it is today. He drills down to the real issues and opportunities and then explains how to deal with both in a way that gives you real clarity to take action and get results”

Steve Rutherford, Award Winning International Photographer

“Andrew played a really important and significant role in the early stages of developing our Mungalli Creek Dairy Organic products. He developed a strategic marketing plan, managed our launch, gave us product advice and became a very trusted advisor”

Robert Watson, Owner, Mungalli Creek Dairy

“Every business owner who wants to achieve their dreams needs to read each and every one of Andrew Griffiths inspirational books”

Susan Clarendon, South Australia

“Whenever I read one of your books it feels like you are sitting next to me, coaching me and willing me on to succeed. Thank you so much”

Mary Kingsford, Los Angeles, USA

You get to choose 5 of the following bestselling books:

  1. The Big Book of Small Business
  2. Bulletproof Your Business Now
  3. Marketing Experts Exposed
  4. The ME MYTH
  5. 101 Secrets to Building a Winning Business
  6. 101 Ways to Really Satisfy Your Customers
  7. 101 Ways to Have a Business and a Life
  8. 101 Ways to Boost Your Business
  9. 101 Ways to Market Your Business
  10. 101 Way to Sell More of Anything to Anyone
  11. 101 Ways to Advertise Your Business

You get to choose 5 of the following CD’s:

  1. Andrew Griffiths Business Boosting Series CD 1 – Attitude
  2. Andrew Griffiths Business Boosting Series CD 2 – Business Success
  3. Andrew Griffiths Business Boosting Series CD 3 – Marketing 101
  4. Andrew Griffiths Business Boosting Series CD 4 – Selling Anything to Anyone
  5. Andrew Griffiths Business Boosting Series CD 5 – Bulletproof Your Business NOW
  6. Andrew Griffiths Business Boosting Series CD 6 – Customer Power
  7. Andrew Griffiths Business Boosting Series CD 7 – Can You Really Have a Business and a Life?
  8. Andrew Griffiths Business Boosting Series CD 8 – Inspired Communication
  9. Andrew Griffiths Business Boosting Series CD 9 – The Big Business of Small Business
  10. Andrew Griffiths Business Boosting Series CD 10 – In Case of Emergency
  11. Andrew Griffiths Business Boosting Series CD 11 – So you want to write a Business Book?
  12. Andrew Griffiths Business Boosting Series CD 12 – Presenters Bootcamp

Remember to take advantage of this limited offer (I am only offering 20 of these packages, with sales closing on January 31st), all you have to do is email me at info@andrewgriffiths.com.au, identifying your five books and five CD’s and with your credit card details. Simple as that.

One thought on “Every Small Business owner will want this…but there are only 20 on offer.”

  1. Cathy Parks says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I need your help and would be immensly grateful – Thanks Cathy

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