27 February 2011

2011 is shaping up to be a doozy in my little world…

Well this post is really an update – as there is a lot happening in my little world. New businesses, new books, business expo’s, magazine promotions and much more.

I am really positive about 2011. There have certainly been some tough challenges both in my neck of the woods and around Australia and New Zealand. But as always, I strongly recommend that you stay positive, keep focused, do what you can to keep negativity at bay and put the right energy into your business and your life and it will pay off.

If you have any specific questions about any of the following updates, please feel free to drop me a line at info@andrewgriffiths.com.au.

Till next time,

1. Professional Presenters Bootcamp – this Thursday, March 3 – CAIRNS

If you are lucky enough to live in Cairns, my first Professional Presenters Bootcamp for the year is happening this Thursday, March 3rd. There were lots of disruptions with Cyclone Yasi, and some people can’t make this workshop now, so there are a few spaces free. If you would like to attend and take your presenting to a whole new level – simply book in online – BOOK HERE. Check out the testimonials – and you will see why people love the Professional Presenters Bootcamp. And as a value add, I have just recorded a new CD “The 10 Steps to being a Presentation Guru” – which all attendees will get a copy of.

2. Sunshine Coast Business Expo – March 30/31st.

This is really shaping up to be a huge event, with thousands of small business owners in particular expected to go through the doors. I will be doing a key presentation on Thursday 31st at 9.30am. If you live on the Sunshine Coast or know someone who does, this will be a very positive way to spend two days. Hopefully I will get to see you there. By the way, a big thanks to Bendigo Bank – they are sponsoring my presentation. As always, the Bendigo is doing what it can to make a difference. For more information about the Expo visit the official site – SUNSHINE COAST BUSINESS EXPO

3. MY NEW BOOK – The Big Book of Small Business

Well I have just finished my eleventh book, “The Big Book of Small Business”. It’s certainly going to be a doozy, jam packed with a pile of practical information covering every possible topic that is relevant to the modern business owner. It will be available in all leading book retailers and online. If you travel, keep an eye out in the airport bookshops as well. The release date is around July/August but rest assured I will keep you in the loop regarding when it is on the shelves. I will also run a promotion through my blog giving away some copies closer to the launch.

4. Two Day Entrepreneurial Retreat – Green Island

I get asked a lot about running Entrepreneurial retreats, so I have decided to do it. Towards the middle of the year I am planning to run a two day event on the magnificent Green Island – what a place to have a two day retreat. The theme is going to be “THE DIFFERENCE” and I am going to cover what makes our most exceptional Entrepreneurs different. I have distilled this into a number of very specific characteristics with a proven process that can help any business owner take their business to a whole new level. Keep on any eye out on the Business Bullets or my blog for more information. It will be limited to 20 places only and anyone who has stayed at Green Island Resort will know just how incredible it is.

(Note – OK this isn’t Green Island but you get the picture).

5. The ME MYTH continues to make a difference

My first personal development style book, The ME MYTH, continues to get great feedback from readers. As an author there is nothing better than hearing that people like your work, but what makes this even better is the feedback from people saying that The ME MYTH has changed their life, given them the courage to do things they have been putting off, perhaps lightening up on themselves and spending more time and energy helping others as opposed to living in their own cocoon. So thank you for kind words – please feel free to drop me an email with any feedback on any of my books – email info@andrewgriffiths.com.au.

If you did like the book and you have a few minutes, I would greatly appreciate you leaving a comment on Amazon.com (USA) or Amazon.co.uk (United Kingdom).

To leave a comment on Amazon.com here – COMMENT
To leave a comment on Amazon.co.uk here – COMMENT

6. Have you ever wanted to write your own Bestselling Business Book?

Business books and non fiction books in general, are more popular than ever. Not a day goes by when I don’t get someone come up to me or email me asking for advice on how to write a book. So in light of this, I am starting a new business called “How to Write a Bestselling Business Book”. I am planning on running workshops around Australia and New Zealand and in the UK as well, showing people how to not just write a bestselling book, but how to get it published, how to promote it, how to drive sales and how to grow your business and your profile as a result of having a book published. It is a topic that I am passionate about and I look forward to helping lots of people to get their own book published.

7. Fundraising event – QLD Premier’s Disaster Recovery Fund

Last week I was honoured to be the Emcee of an event in Cairns to raise some much needed funds for the victims of the recent Queensland floods and Cyclone. I am very pleased to announce that through some shrewd auctioning and great prizes – and some very generous attendees – we managed to raise over $50,000. Not a bad nights work and a lot of people will benefit directly from this money. The best feeling in the world is to help those in need.

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