17 June 2007

Are you really committed to being the very best?

Being the best at what you do has to start with a very firm and genuine belief that you can be the best. If you start your business with the aim of being as good as your competitors that is very noble but far too limiting.

A long time ago I had a business that was really struggling. I had a friend sit me and down and explain in very simple terms that to be the best you have to do everything better than the competition, a fairly logical thought but one that is often not fully explored. This may mean shaking off old traditions and beliefs and stepping outside of your comfort zone and what is considered the norm in your chosen industry. Believing you are the best is the starting point, from here you need to implement the right actions to make sure that you can promise what you deliver and support that concept that you are actually the best at what you do.

With my business at the time, this change in thought pattern was really the starting point that I needed to untangle the mess I had created and to put a very clear goal and objective into place. This desire to be the best needs to be imparted to your staff, your suppliers and your customers. Sure, there will be hurdles to be crossed, mistakes made and lessons to be learned but you will be heading in the right direction.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TODAY? Get a big sheet of paper and write your commitment statement on it – “I am going to make this the best ……………………(whatever your business is)” and sign your name to this commitment. Put your sign on the wall in your office or workshop and make it prominent.

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