02 May 2007

Allow plenty of time to think – and less time to do

We all seem to be locked into a constant battle to manage our time. One of the most serious side effects of this time battle can be that we simply don’t get time to stop and think about our business. We are too busy doing and not busy enough thinking.

Taking time out to do nothing but think about your business is very therapeutic and beneficial but only if we can make it good time. We all think differently, some people think best in the morning, some at night. Some people need to be in the office to get into the right frame of mind, others need to get away from the office.

Personally I think the best on a long drive. Every few weeks I will jump in my car, grab my mini cassette recorder and go for a long drive, maybe two or three hours, up into the mountains near where I live. It is beautiful, rolling green hills, lush rainforest, lakes and normally not a lot of traffic. With the exception of the odd kangaroo bounding across the road, it is very relaxing and I find that as soon as I leave the outskirts of town my mind relaxes and I can start to think very clearly. As I drive along I think about issues that are at the forefront of my mind, those that are most pressing. As the kilometres roll by they issues tend to resolve themselves and I make voice notes on tape. By the end of my outing I not only feel very relaxed, I also feel much clearer and focused. The issues have a solution that I can take back to work and resolve on the spot.

This works for me, it might not for you. But what is important here is to find what works for you and use it as often as you can. Sure there is never enough time but you have to make time to think about your business and move it forward otherwise you can end up stuck in a never changing cycle where business problems are never resolved and opportunities missed because you are too busy just doing the day to day.

One thought on “Allow plenty of time to think – and less time to do”

  1. Jean says:

    Then there’s the other problem of thinking too much… and not getting around to the “doing”! You’re right… a long drive certainly blows out the cobwebs and puts things into perspective… and gives welcome relief from the treadmill!

    Hi AG… long time no see… it’s great to see your blog is rolling along nicely! 🙂

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