11 April 2010

See Andrew’s Interview on Sunrise

Today I did an interview on Sunrise (Channel 7), talking about the ME MYTH. Larry and Sam were great interviewers and I had lots of fun. The response to the interview has been amazing. Enjoy.

19 thoughts on “See Andrew’s Interview on Sunrise”

  1. Jean Burman says:

    How many million people saw this? [It was a good thing you weren’t thinking about it Andrew]… either way you look cool as a cucumber under the pressure. I already offered my congratulations on the earlier post… but just wanted to leave a comment here to give others the idea to comment as well.

  2. Cool as a cucumber AG… couldnt pay enough for that exposure! Well done

  3. Ben Hale says:

    Great exposure Andrew – and nice work from Sunrise to add the packaged vision of Zoolander and Sex in the City, really gave it some extra context about our self-absorbed, narcissistic ways.

  4. Great plug for Cairns – and a great ambassador for the folk that reside north of the boarder Andrew!

    It really is all about you!

  5. As always I am inspired. I also loved the email I just received from you about preparing for the interview.

    You missed the part where you make scrummy yummy brownies for the crew – especially the camerman and make-up artists!

    Another comment I picked up from the guys at Manager Tools – make sure you know what your outfit looks like sitting down – e.g. is your jacket sitting right? what do you shoes look like?

    Of course you looked smashing 🙂

    Great work!!

    See you at FILEX!

  6. susan says:

    You were great Andrew! i feel like a proud mum …

  7. Angela Hewson says:

    Finally I get to hear you, when when when are you coming to Enzed. Andrew, you are just as motivating live as you are in print.
    Great clip, love the glimpse of Queensland, and thank heavens for the internet!!


  8. Thanks for EVERYONE’s lovely comments. I really appreciate them all. You are all way too kind!!!


  9. Well done Andrew – congratulations!!

    Keep inspiring the world champion.

    Cheers, Blake

  10. Renai Melvin says:

    Congratulations on a successful TV Interview Andrew. You came across quite relaxed and confident… Your well-rehearsed answers flowed very naturally. Thanks for sharing your tips on how to create a winning Interview ~ you are very generous with your knowledge and that is appreciated.

  11. Cathy Lovern says:


    Great interview – you looked relaxed and in control. I missed it on the day (it was too nice a day to stay indoors – sorry) but the marvels of modern media make cath up viewing easy. Isnt life wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing your tips on how to do it, that is very generous of you.

    Love Cathy

  12. I agree with Andrew – nice interview!

    Interestingly the same “Me Myth” applies in web marketing. It’s certainly NOT about you, your product or your company on the web…. Instead it’s absolutely about solving your buyers problems. And you do this by writing interesting, relevant & useful information for your buyers!

    Thank you.

  13. Andrew, I agree with all the positive comments that everyone has made. Your interview was fantastic! I loved the Sunrise introduction, but of course the highlight was YOU and the golden nuggets you shared with the world.

  14. Hey Don,

    Appreciate your comments – but I think they say far more about you than they say about me.

    I can give you a very long list of people who have contacted me directly to say that their life has been changed profoundly by my books and other self development style books, seminars and presentations.

    It is easy to be cynical from the sidelines, but it is harder to do something about the parts of your life that aren’t working. I admire people who have the courage to change.

    Those people who do change, don’t look at life as a daily grind, and if it ever becomes a grind, they have the strength and the skills to change what needs to be changed.

    Who wouldn’t want to live a life like this?

    I think life is as hard as you want to make it, and for some people it is easier to moan about it and be a victim. Others are too busy getting on with making the most of what this amazing world has to offer.

  15. Relmi Damiano says:

    Hi Andrew!! Congratulations! 🙂

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